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Manage COMPLEX Projects Effortlessly

Effortlessly plan and work in even the most intricate projects, ensuring peace of mind at every step. This is the only Project Management software you and your Team will ever need

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Everything you need to successfully manage projects and resources, in a single unified platform

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Just after 6 months, Completix' users report increased success rate by over 70% and improved operating margins of +30%

Stop Projects from
Going Over Budget Being Late Derailing Underperforming Being Invisible


Go beyond task management All-in-One Integrated PM software for today's teams

Full PMLC framework. From Initiating to Closing in a single platform

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"Our clients enjoy a 95% reduction in time spent on updates and reporting"

Budget, Track, and Forecast with confidence

An exclusive integrated budget and financial module that ensures alignment with approved funds, consistent forecasting, and a top-notch alert engine to keep you on track.

Vendor Management and Expenses

Project Budgets

Portfolio Budgets

Fiscal Year Tracking


Approved Vs. Actuals

Advanced Financials with monthly breakdown

Resource Capacity Planning Across Projects and Operational Initiatives​

Understanding the tasks and projects each team member is engaged in is essential for a company's success. Effectively allocating resources, validating the need for additional staff, and appropriately pricing services in the market are reliant on comprehensive visibility of team assignments.

Overview across projects and business units

Adapt to change with Dynamic Allocation

Timesheets to capture effort

Account for Operational Initiatives

Align initiatives with business objectives

Gathering projects into a portfolio and creating reports for the entire collection, rather than separately, equips portfolio managers with the insights they need to make informed business decisions about costs, resources, and more.

Ensure strategic alignment against business objectives

Make a project part of different Portfolios for enhanced flexibility

Create What-if scenarios

Instantly create Portfolio Status reports

Drive Value. Provide structure and make your PMO count

PMO's value is directly related to project success. Enable your teams to succeed by paving the road ahead.

Set up a repeatable process and make it easy to follow

Use process approvals to enforce compliance

Ensure a consistent and uniform experience with templates

Use gates for critical Go/No Go decisions

Be ready for project audits

+ 33 %

Completix users improve project success rate by an average of 70% after their first 6 months.

Keep up with CHANGE with better visibility

With an overall view of your project pipeline, you can ensure strategic alignment and achieve better results

Approval workflow

In-context comments

Automatic project creation

Role based access

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Jun 7, 2024

  • New – Change Request impacting the schedule are now automatically updating the “Approved end date” of the project and are clearly flagged. 
  • New – Project duration (in days) is now displayed in the overview page and in the status report. 
  • Improved – Schedule and RAID filters have been improved
  • New – Baseline capability has been added to the schedule
  • New – Schedule history is now available. The schedule automatically save itself and provides multipole restore points
  • Improved – New triggers have been added to the warning engine to better support more use cases
  • New – Search is now available across the entire site  and covers multiple items
  • Improved: project search now includes RAID items
  • New: In the Simplified view, we have added the Tasks Kanban view. The Kanban view is now the default one

Apr 20, 2024

  • New – Document search is indexed and fully integrated with external drives (OD. GD. etc).
  • Improved – Schedule and RAID filters have been improved 
  • Improved – Milestones in gantt chart are placed in different level when colliding
  • Improved – CSV exports data improvement
  • Improved – Dashboards columns are also customizable “per user” and can be set directly in the dashboard.
  • Fix – Fixed bugs in schedule and RAID where resources couldn’t be copied via context menu

Mar 16, 2024

  • New – OneDrive Integration (2-way) 
  • New – Google Drive Integration (2-way)
  • New – Schedule Kanban view
  • New – Tracking and Operational initiatives have been simplified and add the ability to migrate to a full project
  • Improved – Document templates can now be organized into folders

Jan 29, 2024

  • Improved – Site Settings’ UI has a new look with explanation and guide
  • New – Portfolio status can now be exported unified 
  • New – Jira Integration (2-way)
  • New– MS Project Integration (2-way)
  • New– Simplified view – Record is committed automatically

Dec 22, 2023

  • New – Introduced a FREE plan
  • New – Introduced a new trigger-based Warning engine
  • New – Added charts for budget’s status
  • New– Added Portfolio Manager role
  • New– Added Portfolio view in My Dash for assigned Portfolio Managers
  • New – Project type can be hidden if not in use
  • Improved – Status reports now export in PDF landscape for better readability

Nov 25, 2023

  • Fix – Bugs and UI tune-ups
  • New – RAID Cards in Kanban mode have an updated look
  • New – Added 5 custom budget fields. You can track your own custom financial targets and display them in the various dashboards and status reports
  • New – Budget templates can now be created by importing directly from MS Excel
  • New– When, in a project, components are hidden, all related options are also hidden
  • New– Added a Resource view for Portfolios

Nov 5, 2023

  • Fix – Bugs and UI tune-ups
  • New – Introduced Operational and Task Tracking as type of initiatives
  • New – Project type tags are now colored differently for a better experience
  • New – Project types are now tracked in the Dashboards
  • New– Added ability to show/hide all details’ components separately in the Overview page 
  • New – Added a “Note” field in vendor expenses.

Oct 5, 2023

  • Fix – Bugs and UI tune-ups
  • New – Introduced Financials lock
  • New – Dashboards: added alert icons for values over the baseline 

Sep 6, 2023

  • Fix – Fixed FY calculation in PM Dashboard
  • New – Introduced a new Trial start Welcome guided setup
  • New – Table’s headers have a new and improved look
  • New – Added option to include/exclude any given project in the overall Budget and/or Financials calculations
  • New – Added option to enable/disable the budget fiscal on a per project basis

Aug 25, 2023

  • Fix – Bugs and UI tune-ups
  • Update – We updated all internal libraries to the latest version 
  • New – Introduced a Simplified project type to be used for task tracking type activities
  • New – Increased the number of components that can be turned off separately
  • New – Tasks can now be added directly from the dashboards
  • New – The Trial plan has been simplified by turning off, by default, all advanced components. All features can be turn back on in the Site settings
  • New – Individual users can now customize their dashboards by show/hide columns of data. Go to “My Account” to customize it.

Aug 10, 2023

  • Fix – Bugs and UI tune-ups
  • New – Grouping of resources in MyTeams
  • New – Pre-built budget “Estimates vs Actuals”
  • New – Status report now has a new widget: Summary bar
  • New – More components can be turned off separately
  • New – New tasks can be added directly from the dashboard

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