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Why Completix

Project Managers and Team members value ease-of-use, speed of execution and having a single platform that handles everything. Completix helps you deliver projects within scope and on budget, while collaborating with the entire project team, clients, and partners. all in a single tool.

All-in-One Platform

From Initiation to Closing. Manage everything in a single tool

Collaborate with Ease

Better communication means no need for useless meetings

Be More Efficient

Execute with higher speed and more precision

Report Faster

Save dozens of hours each month and always have real-time, error-free data

Make your TEAM the best it's ever been

Give the team the right tools for the job and get the data you need in return

Earn your stakeholders' trust

Ensure your project deliverables reflect the scope

Make the team members and stakeholders accountable

Provide your audience with all they need to review, monitor, and approve.


Budget and forecast on your own terms

Create a budget in a "spreadsheet-like" format the way you like it. Link the fields you want to track. You are done, it's that simple. Truly amazing and fully integrated

Create new, or use an Excel template

Schedule your projects with accuracy

Just like your favorite desktop tool, create and manage the perfect schedule. All tasks and timelines are connected and always in sync with your status report.

View as a Spreadsheet, a Gantt or as a Calendar


Custom Timelines for those Executive presentations

Gantt chart

Select only the tasks you want

Customize the view

Manage Vendors and Track Expenses

Match Quotes and invoices

Automatically update your budget

Invoice matching

Capture everything and task purposely

Make your daily routine a breeze. With tasks, RAID & minutes all linked together. Delegation and accountability has never been easier

Create RAID records directly from meeting notes with a simple click. Truly innovative.

Status reports, Automated!

Status reporting takes minutes to complete. Very simple and extremely easy.

Forget those "cut & paste" mistakes. It's all in sync and integrated.

Customizable for any requirements

status report

Collaborate in real-time with Document Co-authoring and Version History

Work with your team on the same document at the same time

Work with confidence knowing you can go back to previous versions...just in case.

Integrate with your own repository

Always know your assignments with a Unified My Dashboard tailored for each user

All the metrics and tasks from all of you projects in a single view

Set reminders for tasks and manage them in your dashboard

Always know where you stand in all your initiatives

My dashboard

Completix for Project Managers and Team Members

Your platform of choice for Waterfall and Hybrid deliveries


Jun 7, 2024

  • New – Change Request impacting the schedule are now automatically updating the “Approved end date” of the project and are clearly flagged. 
  • New – Project duration (in days) is now displayed in the overview page and in the status report. 
  • Improved – Schedule and RAID filters have been improved
  • New – Baseline capability has been added to the schedule
  • New – Schedule history is now available. The schedule automatically save itself and provides multipole restore points
  • Improved – New triggers have been added to the warning engine to better support more use cases
  • New – Search is now available across the entire site  and covers multiple items
  • Improved: project search now includes RAID items
  • New: In the Simplified view, we have added the Tasks Kanban view. The Kanban view is now the default one

Apr 20, 2024

  • New – Document search is indexed and fully integrated with external drives (OD. GD. etc).
  • Improved – Schedule and RAID filters have been improved 
  • Improved – Milestones in gantt chart are placed in different level when colliding
  • Improved – CSV exports data improvement
  • Improved – Dashboards columns are also customizable “per user” and can be set directly in the dashboard.
  • Fix – Fixed bugs in schedule and RAID where resources couldn’t be copied via context menu

Mar 16, 2024

  • New – OneDrive Integration (2-way) 
  • New – Google Drive Integration (2-way)
  • New – Schedule Kanban view
  • New – Tracking and Operational initiatives have been simplified and add the ability to migrate to a full project
  • Improved – Document templates can now be organized into folders

Jan 29, 2024

  • Improved – Site Settings’ UI has a new look with explanation and guide
  • New – Portfolio status can now be exported unified 
  • New – Jira Integration (2-way)
  • New– MS Project Integration (2-way)
  • New– Simplified view – Record is committed automatically

Dec 22, 2023

  • New – Introduced a FREE plan
  • New – Introduced a new trigger-based Warning engine
  • New – Added charts for budget’s status
  • New– Added Portfolio Manager role
  • New– Added Portfolio view in My Dash for assigned Portfolio Managers
  • New – Project type can be hidden if not in use
  • Improved – Status reports now export in PDF landscape for better readability

Nov 25, 2023

  • Fix – Bugs and UI tune-ups
  • New – RAID Cards in Kanban mode have an updated look
  • New – Added 5 custom budget fields. You can track your own custom financial targets and display them in the various dashboards and status reports
  • New – Budget templates can now be created by importing directly from MS Excel
  • New– When, in a project, components are hidden, all related options are also hidden
  • New– Added a Resource view for Portfolios

Nov 5, 2023

  • Fix – Bugs and UI tune-ups
  • New – Introduced Operational and Task Tracking as type of initiatives
  • New – Project type tags are now colored differently for a better experience
  • New – Project types are now tracked in the Dashboards
  • New– Added ability to show/hide all details’ components separately in the Overview page 
  • New – Added a “Note” field in vendor expenses.

Oct 5, 2023

  • Fix – Bugs and UI tune-ups
  • New – Introduced Financials lock
  • New – Dashboards: added alert icons for values over the baseline 

Sep 6, 2023

  • Fix – Fixed FY calculation in PM Dashboard
  • New – Introduced a new Trial start Welcome guided setup
  • New – Table’s headers have a new and improved look
  • New – Added option to include/exclude any given project in the overall Budget and/or Financials calculations
  • New – Added option to enable/disable the budget fiscal on a per project basis

Aug 25, 2023

  • Fix – Bugs and UI tune-ups
  • Update – We updated all internal libraries to the latest version 
  • New – Introduced a Simplified project type to be used for task tracking type activities
  • New – Increased the number of components that can be turned off separately
  • New – Tasks can now be added directly from the dashboards
  • New – The Trial plan has been simplified by turning off, by default, all advanced components. All features can be turn back on in the Site settings
  • New – Individual users can now customize their dashboards by show/hide columns of data. Go to “My Account” to customize it.

Aug 10, 2023

  • Fix – Bugs and UI tune-ups
  • New – Grouping of resources in MyTeams
  • New – Pre-built budget “Estimates vs Actuals”
  • New – Status report now has a new widget: Summary bar
  • New – More components can be turned off separately
  • New – New tasks can be added directly from the dashboard

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